7 x Spent Convictions granted for client with prior spent conviction

This exceptional case involved us representing a client who was charged with 7 offences involving firearms, driving whilst under the influence of drugs, and breaching a police order. The offences occurred over separate days and were fairly serious offences for which spent convictions might not ordinarily be imposed. The client had, further, received a spent conviction some years prior for a disorderly behaviour charge. The client had a long history of employment and, unfortunately, concurrent substance abuse and required a clean record in order to continue in their chosen career.

We obtained and presented a detailed body of evidence concerning the client’s efforts at rehabilitation. Following an extensive plea in mitigation occurring over two separate days of court time, James managed to secure fines for the client as punishment.

James sought spent conviction orders for all 7 of the offences. A comprehensive argument in support of the request was presented to the Magistrate. Ultimately, the court was convinced to allow spent conviction orders for each of the 7 offences, despite this outcome being entirely extraordinary.

The client was thus able to continue with their career with a clear record, comprising in total some 8 spent convictions. This case demonstrated that a spent conviction is not necessarily out of reach even in a difficult, or seemingly hopeless case.

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