Suspended sentence imposed in >$100,000 fraud case

We represented a client in protracted litigation which took place over the course of several years. Initially charged with 30 historical fraud offences valued at over $100,000, the client’s case was listed for a 5 day trial in the Magistrates Court. We advised the client to negotiate a plea of guilty to some of the charges, if others were dropped, with the aim of achieving a non-custodial sentence at the conclusion of the matter. The client agreed with our advice. We engaged in extensive negotiations with the prosecution, whilst also preparing for trial at the same time. Ultimately, we were able to secure the prosecution’s agreement to drop 18 of the charges, in exchange for a guilty plea to 12 of the charges. As part of the plea deal, the prosecution would also submit that a suspended sentence of imprisonment was appropriate.

At sentencing we presented comprehensive submissions in which we argued for a suspended sentence to be imposed. After adjourning sentencing to consider the matter, the Magistrate was persuaded to impose a suspended sentence. This was so despite the fact the value of the 12 frauds which the offender pleaded guilty to was $64,000. This was an excellent outcome for our client, who was relieved to put an end to years of stressful litigation in this matter, without having to serve a custodial sentence.

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