There are a wide variety of property offences in Western Australia. Such charges can be highly complex with voluminous evidence and confusing legal provisions. Properly defending such charges requires an experienced and skilled lawyer. At James Jackson Criminal Defence, we have the expertise and experience to successfully defend property charges.

Mr Jackson has experience with numerous complex property briefs including large-scale fraud and stealing offences, and numerous robbery and extortion matters. Mr Jackson also has considerable experience with burglary offences, having defended numerous burglary matters both in the Magistrates and District courts.

“White-collar” crime

White-collar crime usually involves stealing from or defrauding companies and businesses. Common examples are stealing as a director, or stealing from an employer. Other examples are claiming leave entitlements when not entitled, or defrauding insurers.

Such offences can involve large briefs of evidence and detailed, lengthy transaction reports.

Penalties depend on the extent of the theft and in serious cases are usually terms of imprisonment but in an appropriate case, non-custodial penalties can be imposed.

We can assist you to either defend white-collar crime charges, or to secure the best possible sentence if there is no option other than to plead guilty.

Money laundering

Money laundering involves dealing with the proceeds of an offence, usually large amounts of money that are said to be the proceeds of crime. An example is transporting millions of dollars of cash from one place to another, with no proof of the origin of the cash.

Penalties are usually lengthy terms of imprisonment.

Defences include that the money was not the proceeds of an offence; or that the person did not deal with it.


Extortion and robbery offences involve the use of threats or violence to obtain property from another person. Examples including robbing a bank or demanding ongoing payments from a store owner with a threat that they will be assaulted if they do not pay.

Defences include that there were no threats or violence; no connection between the violence and the obtaining of the property; honest claim of right; or identity.

Burglary & possessing stolen property

We have a wealth of experience in representing clients facing burglary or possessing stolen property charges.

There are various defences available including identity, or consent to be in the premises.

Penalties can vary significantly from a community based order to lengthy terms of imprisonment, depending on a large number of variable factors.

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