2 x Indecent assault reduced to a single charge; spent conviction order imposed

This recent case involved the client originally being charged with two offences of indecent assault. The charges arose from an incident at a music festival and involved two complainants.

Following receipt of the disclosure, it was clear one of the complainant’s accounts lacked credibility, and appeared to have been introduced in an attempt to add weight to the other complainant’s account. We presented a plea offer submission in which we negotiated a guilty plea to one of the charges, with the other being discontinued. The facts for the first offence were, further, significantly altered in the client’s favour.

The client had no criminal record and the benefit of youth. A conviction would have had a significant impact on the client for the next 10 years. We obtained numerous materials in support of a spent conviction order. At sentencing, we successfully persuaded the Magistrate that despite the seriousness of the offence, a spent conviction order and a fine should be imposed.

This excellent result avoided the client having to suffer a long, difficult period with such a conviction on their record.

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