There are a wide variety of traffic offences in WA, including:

  • Drink / drug driving
  • Driving with a suspended or cancelled driver’s license
  • Speeding or running a red light
  • Preventing effective identification of a number plate
  • Failing to stop when called upon
  • Failing to render assistance at an accident
  • Dangerous and reckless driving
  • Dangerous driving causing death or bodily harm

The penalties for these offences can range from fines and cancellation of your license to significant terms of imprisonment. Traffic offences can be complex and convoluted. Defences can vary significantly and include:

  • Someone else was driving the vehicle;
  • You weren’t aware your license was cancelled or suspended;
  • Your driving was not reckless or dangerous.

We have the experience and ability to successfully defend you from a traffic charge, whether it is a minor offence or a serious and complex matter. We have successfully defended numerous clients facing traffic charges and achieved excellent outcomes.

It is, further, possible to obtain a spent conviction for a DUI or other traffic charge and we can assist you to secure this outcome.

Extraordinary Driver’s Licenses

Even if your license has been suspended for a period, you may still obtain an extraordinary driver’s license (EDL) which enables you to drive for the purposes of work. Successfully obtaining an EDL requires skilfully identifying which of the criteria that makes you eligible for an EDL, and then obtaining the required evidence in support of your application.

We can assist you to obtain an EDL which will allow you to get back to work while you serve out the period of your license suspension.

Overturning a lifetime driving disqualification

Certain traffic offences can result in a lifetime motor driver’s license disqualification. These may only be overturned by the District Court. Preparing these applications is difficult, requiring precise identification of the reason for the disqualification to be overturned, and often a significant body of supporting evidence.

We will guide you through the process and draft your application, obtain the required evidence and argue the case in court for you.

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