Being charged with a false sexual assault allegation can have a devastating impact on both your life and the life of your loved ones. Allegations of sexual assault that are untrue can be made for a variety of reasons, including revenge and compensation.

A conviction for a serious sexual offence can result in a lengthy term of imprisonment and up to 15 years on the sex offender’s register once you are released from prison. It is very difficult to obtain employment with such an offence on your record.

Sexual offences are highly complex and require skilled legal representation to properly defend. Often, allegations are historical and it is difficult to properly marshal a defence. There is no time limit for serious sexual offences and the police can bring charges for allegations that occurred decades earlier.

At James Jackson Criminal Defence, we have the experience and ability to successfully defend you from false sexual offence allegations. Our director & principal James Jackson spent years as a prosecutor trying these cases in front of juries. He knows how juries approach these cases, and how to dismantle the prosecution case theory. He is skilled at cross-examining complainants in sexual offence cases, including child complainants.

If you are charged with a serious sexual offence, it is imperative that you obtain skilled and experienced legal representation. Contact us now to book a consultation if you are facing allegations of sexual offending.

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