You can appeal your sentence or conviction imposed in the Magistrates Court to a Single Judge of the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

If you were convicted or sentenced in the District or Supreme Court, you can lodge an appeal to the Court of Appeal. This is the highest court in Western Australia.

There are strict time limits within which to lodge an appeal and it is important that you comply with them.

Appellate work is some of the most difficult and complex legal work in the criminal law. Considering an appeal against conviction, for example, can involve examining thousands of pages of trial transcript and exhibits. Identifying grounds of appeal requires detailed knowledge of the criminal law, including the content of each of the different trial directions that may be given in a particular case.

At James Jackson Criminal Defence, our director regularly appears in the Court of Appeal on complex appeals against conviction and sentence. Mr Jackson has the experience and ability to consider grounds of appeal in any matter, including murder and large-scale drug trafficking matters. Mr Jackson can also argue your appeal in the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal.

If you are unhappy with the fact you were convicted, or with your sentence, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Jackson today to book a free consultation to discuss your case. It is important that you act without delay to ensure you comply with the required time limits.

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