Not Guilty: client acquitted of multiple historical sexual offence charges after District Court trial

Following a three day District Court trial before a jury, our client was acquitted of two counts of sexual offences involving two separate complainants. The charges related to conduct occurring many years earlier, and the client was disadvantaged in mounting a successful defence by the passage of time. James Jackson cross-examined the complainants and their mother at length, with a view to establishing that they had colluded with each other as to their evidence. James also cross-examined their mother to establish that she had put the complainants up to giving false testimony with the hope of obtaining a compensation payout. Following a detailed defence closing argument in which the numerous holes in the prosecution case were succinctly outlined, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty on both counts. This was an excellent outcome for our client, who after a long wait to trial was finally able to clear their name and obtain justice.

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