Spent conviction and fine imposed in District Court cannabis dealing case

In this recent case we acted for a client who faced numerous charges relating to a vehicle search. The police stopped the client and their partner and searched the car under the weapons act, due to the partner’s recent convictions for weapons offences. Inside the car, 78 cannabis plants were found along with numerous weapons including a firearm. The police charged both persons with the same offences arising from each of that items that were located.

Following successful negotiations we secured a guilty plea to the cultivation of cannabis with intent to supply only, along with some minor simple possession drug charges. The case was sent to the District Court for sentencing.

At the District Court sentencing, we presented a persuasive plea in mitigation which outlined how the client came to be wrapped up in their partner’s criminal behaviour. The client had no criminal record and a conviction was likely to cause issues in the future for employment and also travel opportunities.

Despite opposition from the State, we managed to persuade the Judge to impose a spent conviction order, due to the very low level of culpability of the client, plus the numerous mitigating factors in their favour. This outcome in the District Court is entirely exceptional and was very fortunate for the client. The sentence imposed was a fine which the client was able to pay.

This was a very good client for the outcome who was very happy with the progression of the matter, and the exceptional outcome at sentencing.

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