Spent convictions imposed for 3 x charges of assault police; obstruct police; & give false personal details

We represented a client who was charged with assaulting a police officer, obstructing police, and giving false personal details to police. The client was concerned at receiving a sentence of imprisonment, given that the assault to police involved kicking an officer in the head.

After successful negotiations, we had the assault police allegation reduced to a single kick, instead of a flurry of kicks. We, further, obtained favourable character references and provided these to the court. After liaisons with police prosecutions, we were able to secure agreement to the prosecution submitting that a fine was appropriate.

At sentencing, James Jackson presented a detailed plea in mitigation, pointing out the many factors in the client’s favour.

The client received fines for the offences. A detailed application for a spent conviction order was made, following which the Magistrate imposed spent convictions for each of the offences.

Given the seriousness of the assault police charge, this was an outstanding result. It had the effect that our client was able to take up an opportunity of working in the USA in the near future, rather than being held back from doing so for the next 10 years.

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