Two successful Schedule II bail applications and all charges in District and Magistrates Court dropped

Our client faced a number of serious charges in both the District Court and the Magistrates Court. Despite major issues with the evidence, the police and prosecution refused to drop the charges and opposed our client’s bail, initially resulting in the client being remanded in custody because of the operation of Schedule II of the Bail Act.

James Jackson presented a persuasive bail application in the Magistrates Court, resulting in our client being released on bail over objection from the prosecution. The client’s case was progressed towards trial, with our advice being that ultimately the client would be acquitted of all charges.

Unfortunately, our client subsequently breached their bail, resulting in a further stay in custody. James Jackson presented a second successful bail application, again resulting in our client being released to bail over objection from the prosecution. Eventually, the DPP dropped the charges against the client in the District Court prior to trial.

The police persisted with their prosecution in the Magistrates Court. James Jackson secured an early trial date for the client and on the morning of trial, the police dropped the remaining charges against our client. Consistent with our advice, our client had all charges across two courts dropped before trial and was able to remain on bail on charges for which they never would have been tried.

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