Client released to bail; DPP drops charges

A client came to us having been remanded in custody for 18 months awaiting trial in the Supreme Court for a matter which, if they were convicted, would have resulted in a sentence of over a decade of imprisonment. The client’s previous lawyers had been unsuccessful in obtaining bail for the client while awaiting trial. Upon transferring the client’s case to James Jackson, a comprehensive Supreme Court bail application was filed, containing hundreds of pages of supporting documents. Mr Jackson argued that the case was weak and the client could be released on bail with appropriate conditions.

The Supreme Court released the client on bail. The matter was listed for a 6 week trial. During extensive and thorough preparations for the trial, we advised the client that there was no case against them and we would make a ‘no case to answer’ submission which was likely to be successful.

Three weeks prior to the listed trial, the DPP dropped the charge against the client on the basis that there were no reasonable prospects of conviction.

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