DPP abandons Trial of issues; client released on bail

Prior to transferring to our firm, the client had been remanded in custody awaiting sentencing for a period of two years and seven months. His previous lawyers had made no application for bail, and had listed the case for a trial of the issues which had caused lengthy delays. Further, there had been no consideration given by previous counsel to the admissibility of crucial pieces of the State’s evidence in the trial of the issues.

Soon after the client transferred to our firm, an application and submissions were rapidly filed objecting to a significant portion of the State’s evidence. The application was successful and caused the DPP to abandon the trial of the issues, and accept the client’s position on sentencing. This meant that the client now faced a significantly lesser sentence, instead of an inevitable term of years of imprisonment. We then successfully argued for the client to finally be released to bail awaiting sentencing after several years in custody on remand.

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