Client released to bail on serious charges after initial bail refusal

Prior to coming to our firm, our client was refused bail on a number of serious charges including home burglary. The prosecution strongly opposed bail as one of the complainants was a police officer. The client unsuccessfully applied for bail without legal representation.  The court was unwilling to release the client to bail given the alleged risk of reoffending and also the risk of flight.

A significant concern in this case was that the offending would not necessarily result in a sentence of imprisonment being imposed. However, given the refusal of bail, there could be a lengthy wait to trial in a matter where the client may not even receive imprisonment if convicted.

James took detailed instructions from the client and advised that it would be possible to argue for bail on conditions, without the need for home detention. James presented a persuasive case for bail to the court, and was successful in securing bail for the client despite the court initially refusing it.

This case again demonstrates the importance of properly and completely presenting your case for bail on the first occasion.


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