36 Charges Reduced To 21; Concurrent Sentences Imposed

Our client transferred to our firm facing 36 charges for a large number of offences including numerous burglary matters. The client had previously received a term of imprisonment for various other offences.

James reviewed the voluminous brief in detail and presented a persuasive plea offer to the prosecution. That plea offer included discontinuing nearly all of the burglary charges as there was insufficient evidence to prove our client committed those offences.

The plea offer was ultimately accepted, with 36 charges being reduced to 21. The client pleaded guilty to the remaining charges. At sentencing, James successfully argued that the client should receive wholly concurrent sentences. This had the effect that the client received no further time in custody despite pleading guilty to a large number of offences.

This was a fantastic outcome for the client, whose only concern was receiving further time in prison. The client was glad we were able to achieve this fantastic outcome in this matter.

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