Not Guilty: Bouncer acquitted of nightclub grievous bodily harm

Our client, a nightclub bouncer at the Coconut Grove nightclub in Northbridge, came to our firm only a few weeks before their scheduled trial on a charge of grievous bodily harm. The State alleged our client choked out a nightclub patron and then dropped him to the floor, breaking his jaw and shattering his teeth. Our client’s previous lawyers had advised him to plead guilty. On transferring to James Jackson Criminal Defence,  we reviewed the evidence in detail. James advised the client there were at least three defences open to him and, whilst it would be a difficult trial, there was a reasonable chance of an acquittal.

At trial, James’ cross-examination of the State witnesses seriously damaged the credibility of the complainant. James also elicited very favourable evidence from many of the State witnesses. Finally, James presented a persuasive closing address which outlined the serious deficiencies in the State’s case.

It took the jury a mere 90 minutes to find our client not guilty of the charge.

This was a fantastic outcome as not only was our client able to walk away a free man, but he was also able to retain his security license and keep working in his chosen field if he so desired.

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