Spent conviction order granted for Uber driver

Our client, an Uber driver who worked full-time whilst also looking after 5 children, was charged with breaching a police order. The client refused to leave his house after his wife made false domestic violence allegations against him in order to force him to leave the property. The police attended and, because they could not determine that any domestic violence had taken place, issued a police order against our client requiring him to leave the address for a number of days. The client refused to leave as he was legitimately concerned for the welfare of his children if they were left in the care of his wife, who was not their primary carer and in fact worked two jobs whilst our client juggled his Uber responsibilities and caring for the children.

The charge had been listed for a trial whilst the client was self-represented. We provided advice to the client, following which the client pleaded guilty. Following the presentation of a persuasive and thorough plea in mitigation, our client was sentenced to a small fine and received a spent conviction order. This enabled our client to continue working as an Uber driver despite this unfortunate and unnecessary incident.

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