Recent high level drug dealing cases

James Jackson Criminal Defence has recently been involved in two high level and complex drug dealing cases. Both cases involved syndicates with multiple members and complicated factual scenarios.

In the case of Watson, we represented a client involved in transporting 4kg of methylamphetamine and dealing in 5 million dollars in cash, the proceeds of crime. This ultimately resolved with a guilty plea and a complicated sentencing hearing. The client only played a relatively minor part in the syndicate but received a very heavy sentence. We felt the sentence was excessive and immediately referred it for an appeal, which was conducted by another firm.

The case was published in the Sunday Times: see


In the case of Newton, our client was alleged to have imported from Victoria some 56kg of high purity methylamphetamine. The drug was then alleged to have been distributed in Western Australia by a member of a 1% motorcycle club. There were three co-accused that went to trial, and several others who pleaded guilty. The trial was listed for 3 weeks but ultimately went for 4 weeks. Due to the complexity of the matter, we briefed Queens Counsel from Victoria to act as lead counsel in the trial, and James Jackson acted as instructing solicitor. This case illustrates the complexity of some of the cases the firm handles, and received extensive media coverage. See

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