Spent conviction imposed in high-range drink driving case

This matter involved a client charged with ‘driving under the influence of alcohol’, which is an offence requiring a breathalyzer reading of or in excess of .150 BAC. The client was also charged with exceeding the speed limit by 32 km/hr. The client had no record and required a clear record in order to pursue their intended future career.

We recommended the client engage in extensive rehabilitation efforts in order to have the best possible case to put forward to the Magistrate. The client followed our advice and engaged in extensive counselling, as well as obtaining various referrals to deal with the issues which resulted in the offence. The client also successfully completed a program designed to educate offenders about the dangers of committing serious traffic offences.

We presented evidence of the client’s efforts to the court well in advance of the sentencing date. At sentencing, we successfully argued that the Magistrate impose a fine, the minimum driver’s license disqualification, and a spent conviction. This was an excellent outcome which means the client was allowed to pursue their chosen career without being prevented from doing so by a conviction.

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