Suspended sentence imposed in aggravated armed robbery case

This matter involved a client charged with a serious offence of aggravated armed robbery. The allegation was that the client robbed a service station whilst armed with a replica firearm. On receiving the materials from the client, it was clear that the offence, whilst serious, was towards the lower end of the scale. A review of the CCTV material revealed that the client had no defence, and the best option was to plead guilty and argue for a suspended sentence at sentencing.

We progressed the matter to a sentencing hearing in the District Court. In that court, we presented a detailed plea in mitigation. We argued that the relative seriousness of the offence, combined with the client’s antecedents, early guilty plea and clear need for a sentence emphasizing rehabilitation, warranted the exceptional sentence of a suspended imprisonment order.

Despite strong opposition from the State prosecutor, we were successful in our argument. The client received a conditional suspended imprisonment order, rather than facing years in prison. The client was very happy with this exceptional outcome.

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