Suspended sentence imposed for serious domestic assault

We represented a client who transferred to our firm facing three serious domestic offences, including strangulation and aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm. The client had unfortunately been refused bail after an unsuccessful application for bail made by another solicitor.

Given the refusal of bail, the client was facing many months in custody on remand waiting for a trial, in a matter which might not ultimately result in a sentence of imprisonment.

James liaised with the prosecution and was able to negotiate an agreed set of facts that was favourable to the client. James advised the client to plead guilty to all three charges and that a suspended sentence of imprisonment was achievable, but difficult.

At sentencing, James successfully persuaded the Magistrate to impose a global suspended sentence. This was a very good outcome for the client, who was fortunately able to be released from custody immediately, and saved the client from potentially spending many months in custody when the offending did not ultimately warrant such a punishment.

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